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Coastal Hauling has an expert team of satellite dish removal professionals . With over TEN YEARS in the satellite industry, we know how to properly remove old satellite dishes. If you have recently bought a house, manage a property, or just want a satellite dish removed from your home or business, CALL US today. We specialize in Directv satellite dish removal, and Dish Network dish removal. We also remove any unwanted ugly coax cable along the outside of the home. When we remove the dish we also seal the roof or structure to prevent any leaks.  We remove your satellite dish and repair the damage caused by the installation.  Any E-Waste or scrap metal we remove is always recycled! We remove satellite dishes in Orange County and San Diego County.

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Planted S. of Orange, CA say:
" The entire process was pleasant and professional.  My condo association sent a notice to remove a satellite dish on my roof placed by the previous owners.  Call Direct TV and guess what - I own it!  So did some Googling and thank goodness Coastal Hauling came up!  They quickly gave me a quote.  They arrived on time and were so pleasant.  They took pics (something I hadn't thought of but definitely appreciated it when they showed it to me.)  They were in and out in less than an hour.  They also remove junk....so I'm now thinking about that thorough purging that needs to happen."


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       Orange County and San Diego Satellite Dish Removal


Winds of change are blowing for the cable #TV industry, and it’s all happening a lot faster than anyone thought. Over a million households ditched #cable TV in the space of just three months earlier this year. That trend isn’t going to slow down: it’s going to accelerate massively. Under a best-case scenario for existing cable and #satellite providers, distribution is going to change to streaming services (like #DirecTV Now), at the very least. The existing cable infrastructure is, in its own way, complicated and expensive. #Cable companies have to reserve a portion of their cable bandwidth just for TV services. Cable boxes have to be distributed to homeowners, and technicians have to run a physical wire to everywhere you want to watch cable. It’s also inflexible: introducing new #technologies like #4K, HDR, or new sound codecs requires a lot of work, and changes to industry standards. Now, running a #streaming service isn’t the easiest thing in the world — just look at the problems DirecTV Now faced at launch — but even right now, you can argue that it’s more economical for cable companies to have a streaming package, rather than maintain a cable infrastructure. If you can make that argument right now, there’s no way that an OUTDATED system will survive as the most common way to watch TV in 5 years from now. Just look at what’s happening to voice. Wireless companies are moving away from the traditional cellular phone call technology to Voice over #LTE, which offers better quality calls, and means that cell companies don’t have to spend money and resources propping up an outdated and inferior system. So from a purely technological standpoint, cable TV as a way of consuming your pay TV package seems #doomed. The traditional model — which sees cable companies negotiating with the major rightsholders to offer customers one single package of channels — seems increasingly uncertain. The rise of #Netflix and #Amazon original content has diminished the power of cable. That’s terrible news for the existing pay TV industry, which would see its role as the distribution middle-man completely #DESTROYED. #CoastalHauling

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