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Junk Removal Services in Orange County, CA.


-At Coastal Hauling and Junk Removal we are committed to providing a trash hauling waste removal service at an affordable cost. Choose Coastal Hauling and Junk Removal and SAVE money.

-Many items will be recycled or donated instead of going to a landfill . Dumps and Landfills are always our last resort in waste removal. We take pride in donating and recycling.

-We service the entire Orange County and San Diego area. 

-When you call Coastal Hauling and Junk Removal you will be sure to get an answer and a no obligation estimate on the waste removal job.

"Quick, Helpful, & Reliable Junk Removal Services"


-Our goal is to recycle as much of the content we pick up as possible. Many items we pick up will find a new home and bring joy to a new owner. 

-Old toys, furniture, electronics, and appliances will often be given to donation centers around the Orange County area.

​-We work with the Goodwill , Salvation Army, and local churches so that items can easily find a new home and also help those charitable organizations.

-If an item we collect from your home or office ends up going to one of these centers, we will send YOU the Charitable Donation Tax Receipt. We do this for all customers of our junk removal business.

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