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                        Yard Waste and Leaf Removal

Yard Waste and Leaf removal is a service we offer here at Coastal Hauling. If you are doing your own landscape project, have a bigger job than the gardeners can handle, or just need us to haul away some debris call us today for a no obligation quote. We haul it all trees, potted plants, and green waste. Coastal Hauling and Junk Removal always offers an affordable price in Orange County, CA.

                        Back Yard Clean Up

If your back yard is filled with junk and you need it all to be hauled away? If so, give us a call today. If you have a shed, a trampoline, or an old swing set that needs to be removed then we can save you time, money, and energy. Bring your backyard back to its former glory by getting rid of old clutter and rubbish. Trash companies won't go back there and break it down, and other "junk removal pros" charge an arm and a leg. Let Coastal Hauling and Junk Removal give you a free quote today. We offer affordable prices and same day service all over Orange County. We will beat any of our competitors prices. Don't delay, call Coastal Hauling today.