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E-Waste Removal is a service we offer for our residential and commercial customers. Your privacy and security is important to us so please delete any private information before we remove your computers or devices . We recycle 100% of e-waste. Below is a picture of a satellite dish we removed from a community in Laguna Woods.

We also specialize in appliance removal. Old appliances can be tough to move and harmful to the environment if not disposed of properly. We take the time to make sure every appliance we pick up is recycled. By recycling we can pass the savings on to you and provide you with a valuable junk removal and recycling service. If you live in Laguna Woods or own a business in the Laguna Woods area and need e-waste removal or appliance removal call us today.

Laguna Woods E-Waste â€‹Removal And Satellite Dish Removal

                       Laguna Woods Junk Removal 

Coastal Hauling And Junk Removal is based out of Orange County and we are happy to offer our affordable service to every city in Orange County. We provide our junk removal services to businesses and homes all over Laguna Woods. Our pricing is very competitive and affordable. We provide same day or next day service in Laguna Woods. We also give back to the local community by donating as much as we possibly can.


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