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Brea E-Waste ​Removal And Appliance Removal

                         Brea Junk Removal ​                         Removing junk in Brea is something we love to do. We remove a wide variety of junk. Our service is affordable, convenient, and hassle free. When you call Coastal Hauling, you are calling out a professional junk removal team that is excited to get the job done quickly and safely. In the picture below, our team removed over two thousand pounds of construction debris and house hold trash in about an hour. Coastal Hauling is family owned and operated. We use our custom made junk removal trailer so we can handle jobs large and small. We would love to hear from you so call us for a free estimate or just send us a picture via email or text. We can be reached at or by phone at (949) 274-6191.

E-Waste Removal is a service we offer for our residential and commercial customers. Your privacy and security is important to us so please delete any private information before we remove your computers or devices . We recycle 100% of e-waste. We never re-sell items we pick up.

We also specialize in appliance removal. We remove dish washers, refrigerators, ovens, and dryers. Old appliances can be tough to move and harmful to the environment if not disposed of properly. We take the time to make sure every appliance we pick up is recycled. By recycling we can pass the savings on to you and provide you with a valuable junk removal and recycling service. If you live in Brea or own a business in the Brea area and need e-waste removal or appliance removal call us today.